Thursday, June 7, 2012

"Tribute to Judie" my latest work in progress

Normally, since I design patterns, I don't have time to make quilts from other designer's patterns.  But my long arm quilter quilted a  "Tribute to Judie" by Carol Hopkins Designs for one of our local quilt shops last year and I happened to be at her home the day she took it off her machine.  We both absolutely fell in love with it.  I am such a huge Civil War fabric fan.  She and I traded fabrics and each came up with enough to make a queen sized quilt.  Wow, what a lot of little pieces were needed to make about 350 star blocks 3 1/2" square.  I am finally in the process of laying out the quilt.  The blocks are set on point and I am using a variety of browns as the alternate blocks.  Here are some pics of what I have laid out so far.   I can't wait to finish it up and put it on my bed.  Have any of you made this quilt?

Monday, April 2, 2012

Focus on Fun

I had some darling vintage style fabric showing kids marching in a patriotic parade in my stash that I didn't want to cut up.  So I designed this quilt using large pieces of my focus fabric in the blocks as well as in the border.  I had so much fun making it, that I made a lap quilt with monkeys and a wall hanging with jack-o-lanterns.  This pattern will work for any focus fabric up to 4 1/2".  The blocks and sashing use the partial seam piecing technique.  I used an acrylic octagon template to fussy-cut the centers.  Why not look through your large print fabrics to see what kind of fun quilt you could make?

Monday, March 26, 2012

Ladybug Twist & Shout

My granddaughter's nursery is decorated in ladybugs.  I designed this fun quilt for her room with flower-pot pinwheels and ladybugs dancing all over the quilt.  The flower pots are done with a little bit of simple paper piecing.  I used large rick-rack for the flower stems and a bright button for the pinwheel centers..  The ladybugs are appliqued and their anntenae are embroidered.  I added a piano key border using the leftover fabrics.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Windmill Garden a flowery quilt for Spring or Summer

This quilt was all done by applique.  The flowers, the blue block border scallops, and the cream outer border scallops.  I don't usually do quite that much applique on one quilt but I had fun with it.

Here are some closer views.  Don't look too close as I am not an applique experts or perfectionist.


Plane Patrol

This was one of the first quilts I gave to my grandson.  He sleeps with it every night.  I had to borrow it back once to take pictures and he cried and cried when I hung it up.  He thought I was going to keep his beloved airplane quilt.  It was fun going through my stash to find all those blue fabrics.

Friday, March 16, 2012

How to Clean a Goopy, Gummy Iron

Last night I realized I had left my iron on.  No big deal right?  Well unfortunately it was too close to a plastic ziploc bag of scraps that I had setting on my pressing station.  By the time I smelled the hot, melting plastic it was too late.  Ugh!  Now my iron has goopy plastic on it.  Wait a minute, I remember how to easily get that mess off.

Place a towel or piece of fabric on your pressing station.   Sprinkle some salt on the fabric.  I used coarse salt like the kind you get on soft pretzels.

Heat your iron and rub across the salt until the goopy mess is gone.  This takes relatively little effort.

Whew!  Thank goodness I remembered that trick.  Now I can use my iron again without having to run to the store for iron cleaner.  Do they even sell that stuff anymore?

I think it cleaned up rather nicely, don't you?  No more melted plastic gumming things up.

Now just go ahead and throw the salt away.  Warning: Do Not Feed it to Your Family.  I probably didn't need to tell you that. Lol  But seriously, throw it out.

Circle Fun - Free Quilt Pattern

For one full year my quilt group of twelve fun ladies exchanged 6 1/2" squares of black on white, and white on black fabrics. At the end of the year we each had a large assortment of black and white fabrics to use however we wanted.  This is what I made from mine.   I called it Circle Fun.  It is approximately 70" x 90".
Since it's St. Patrick's Day weekend, I decided you should all enjoy a little Irish luck with this freebie.

This was such a fun, no-brainer type quilt to make, and a great way to use up your scraps.  I appliqued the quarter circles by hand while waiting at the Dr.'s office or watching TV at night.  I find this very relaxing and it takes my mind off the idleness.  You could machine applique them very quickly if you prefer.

Fabric Requirements:

70 black 6 1/2" squares
70 white 6 1/2" squares
140 bright 3 1/2" squares to cut quarter circles from
1/2 yard stop border
1 2/3 yard outer border
5/8 yard binding
5 1/2 yards backing

  1. Place a white 6 1/2" square right sides together on top of a black 6 1/2" square.
  2. Draw a diagonal line from corner to corner. 
  3. Stitch 1/4" away from each side of the line.  Cut on the line to make two half-square triangles. 
  4. Press, then trim each square to 6".  Repeat with all 6 1/2" squares of fabric to make 140 half-square triangles.
  5. Trace a 5 3/4" circle onto freezer paper.  Cut the circle in half twice to make four quarter circles.
  6. Press a paper template onto the wrong side of a bright fabric scrap.  Cut on the straight edge but 1/4" away from the rounded edge.
  7. Fold the rounded edge over the freezer paper and press well.  Make 280 bright quarter-circles.
  8. Remove the paper and applique a quarter circle into the two seamless corners of each block.
     Note:  I just did a random variety of color combinations.  You may want to lay out your quilt prior
     to making the last 10 or 15 blocks so you can adjust the colors if necessary.

      9. Repeat for all blocks using a wide variety of interesting, bright fabrics.

       10. Lay out your blocks in fourteen rows of ten blocks each, alternating the white and black
       sides of each block.  Make sure you will have four different bright colors to form each circle.
       11.  Stitch the blocks together in rows.
       12.  Stitch the rows together.
       13.  Stitch two stop borders 2" x 77 1/2" to the sides of the quilt and two stop borders 2" x 58 1/2"
       to the top and bottom of the quilt.
       14.  Stitch two outer borders 6 1/2" x 80 1/2" to the sides of the quilt and two outer borders
       6 1/2" x 70 1/2" to the top and bottom of the quilt.

       15.  Cut nine strips 2 1/4" x width of fabric for binding.
       16.  Quilt and bind.

My entry into Just Something I Whipped Up sponsored by Appliances Online and the Bosch Washing Machines, .