Saturday, March 3, 2012

Antique and Vintage Quilts - Enjoy the Show

Ok, you know I love quilting, and I love antiques. So here are some pictures of antique and vintage quilts. I guess I should clarify, these are not my quilts (I wish they were).  Mostly just pictures I obtained from Pinterest.  However, some of the vintage pics at the bottom are my quilts.  I do love looking at old quilts  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Six Pointed Stars circa 1873

Flower Basket quilt circa 1880 Michigan

Vintage Quilt

Vintage Cathedral Windows Quilt

Antique Album Quilt

Antique Appliqued Flower Basket Quilt

Cactus Rose 1855

Circa 1900-1920 antique quilt

Grandmother's Flower Garden

1800's Oak Leaf quilt

1840's Baltimore Album quilt

African-American applique quilt

Early 1800's embroidered quilt

antique doll quilt

mid 1800's silk Tumbling Block quilt

Bethlehem Star quilt from Pennsylvania

antique hand quilted Carpenter's Star

antique log cabin

antique Album quilt

Quaker quilt from Pennsylvania 1840's

Antique Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt

Antique applique quilt

Antique star quilt

antique quilt in green and cheddar

Antique 1930's Tulip quilt

antique 1930's Christmas Pine quilt

antique 1950's Sunbonnet Sue quilt

antique blue-white Drunkard's Path quilt

antique red-white quilt #1

antique red-white quilt #2

antique Rolling Stones quilt

antique applique quilt

antique Rose quilt

antique Star quilt

antique Clam Shell quilt
antique doll quilt I purchased at a garage sale.
1930's Dresden Plate quilt that was my mother's.
Grandma's 1930's Dresden Plate quilt.
My sister's and I found some old Grandmother's Flower Garden blocks in mom's cedar chest that had been made by her grandmother. I had mine made into a wallhanging.
1930's Double Wedding Ring quilt I purchased at a garage sale.
Sunbonnet Sue quilt I had as a child in the early 1960's.
Grandma's Sunbonnet Sue quilt made in the 1930's.
1930's tulip quilt I purchased at a garage sale.
1930's Glorified Nine Patch


  1. My gosh. You have a lovely collection. Thanks for the show.

  2. I can tell I use Facebook too much because I kept wanting to "Like" each individual quilt! What a wonderful collection - thanks for sharing it. As you can tell, I'm enjoying myself browsing your blog this evening as I was here a few days ago looking for a recipe and decided I needed to come back and poke around more thoroughly - it's lovely!

  3. Lisa, I'm so glad you decided to visit again. I hope you will become a regular here. Aren't antique quilts amazing?


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