Friday, March 16, 2012

How to Clean a Goopy, Gummy Iron

Last night I realized I had left my iron on.  No big deal right?  Well unfortunately it was too close to a plastic ziploc bag of scraps that I had setting on my pressing station.  By the time I smelled the hot, melting plastic it was too late.  Ugh!  Now my iron has goopy plastic on it.  Wait a minute, I remember how to easily get that mess off.

Place a towel or piece of fabric on your pressing station.   Sprinkle some salt on the fabric.  I used coarse salt like the kind you get on soft pretzels.

Heat your iron and rub across the salt until the goopy mess is gone.  This takes relatively little effort.

Whew!  Thank goodness I remembered that trick.  Now I can use my iron again without having to run to the store for iron cleaner.  Do they even sell that stuff anymore?

I think it cleaned up rather nicely, don't you?  No more melted plastic gumming things up.

Now just go ahead and throw the salt away.  Warning: Do Not Feed it to Your Family.  I probably didn't need to tell you that. Lol  But seriously, throw it out.


  1. LOL! Great info I will be using this a lot since the children always have something on the iron. LOL!

  2. Great reminder tip - I'd forgotten that would work.


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